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“The first rule of sustainability is to align with natural forces, or at least not try to defy them.”

Paul Hawken

Businesses are seeing the benefits of incorporating sustainable land care practices into their maintenance regimens, especially when they result in cost reduction. Merlin Organics helps businesses convert from conventional chemical treatment methods to organic treatments that are tailored to their sites’ unique requirements.

Our commercial grounds clients realize benefits in reduced water use; healthier soil, turf, trees and plants; greater disease resistance; and lower overall costs of maintenance.

Merlin Organics works in close partnership with commercial groundskeepers to develop and implement bio-optimized nutrient cycling land care systems — our Living Landscape Systems™ — through our four-phase process that includes analyzing existing soil and plant conditions, designing a program to restore and maintain soil and plant health, implementation, and ongoing monitoring and assessment to ensure the program continues to improve conditions.

Once implemented, our programs eliminate nitrate leaching, conserve water, improve carbon sequestering, reduce fossil fuel consumption, improve plant resilience, and reduce total costs of maintenance. All synthetic, salts-based and water-soluble nutrient additives, which are destructive to ecosystems, are eliminated and replaced with a 100% organic, Living Landscape System — a system that is fine-tuned to the specific plants, location, and climate of the land under management.