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The soil is the ‘creative material’ of most of the basic needs of life. Creation starts with a handful of dust.”

—William A. Albrecht, PhD (1888–1974)

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Merlin Organics and its Living Landscape System™ exist because restoring and maintaining soil biology with a natural nutrient cycling system is safer and works better than conventional chemical fertilizer systems. We offer no secret product, just the good earth’s given plant and soil biology helped along with a little newly discovered inexpensive stewardship that is within everyone’s reach to practice on as small or as large a scale as one needs. We’re doing this to show, tell, teach, but primarily involve, following the dictum of Benjamin Franklin, who said: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

By restoring or replacing the soil’s normal biology, the Living Landscape System eliminates nitrogen runoff and groundwater pollution, and greatly reduces or eliminates the need for chemical fertililzers and pesticides. Once a Living Landscape System is established (usually within the first six to twelve months) there is a steady, exponential increase in carbon sequestering in the soil. The development of healthy soil biology goes hand in hand with growth in healthy and disease-resistant roots and above-ground plant structures. The combination leads to a large reduction in irrigation needs—up to 30 per cent—because it is a fact that healthy, living roots and living soil retain more water than biologically poor soil.

With every Living Landscape System implementation, all of these positive-feedback changes are scientifically measured by an independent lab in before-and-after biological soil and root audits. Merlin Organics follows developments above and below ground at each site we manage until we have it right. But we don’t do this with something out of a bag; we do it with the help from the least of our brethren, our friends in the soil--beneficial bacteria, protozoa, fungi and nematodes.

We started this business because after thirty years of growing things ourselves—vegetables, fruit trees, turf and flowers, cactus—we discovered what we found to be a better way. We want to involve others in this practice to improve the health and safety of every place we can, one project at a time.

That is why there is a Merlin Organics — to point the way to our and your involvement in healthier methods of land stewardship and husbandry, today and tomorrow.

University of Arizona


University of Arizona
aims to be greenest campus in U.S. with a new organic land stewardship program managed by Merlin Organics.

pea seedlings


Tea trials at UA
are showing us new ways to fight disease that devastates peas, soybeans and other important crops.